Pesquisa de Marcas na China

Pesquisa de marca em Instituto de Marca Chinesa. Pesquisar por nome da marca, número ou requerente

In order to perform a Trademark Search in China, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the trademark search section of the “Chinese Trademark Office” website, the direct link is

2. The page that opens is in Chinese, please check the screenshot to the left, it contains the search filters that the search allows. The translations of the texts are as follows:
  • A = Trademark Class Number, here enter a number from 1 to 45. If you want to search for all classes, leave this field empty.
  • B = This is a tool that helps you find your class; we recommend that you use our tool that is in english
  • C = If you want to perform a trademark search by number, enter here your application or registration number.
  • D = If you want to perform a trademark search by name, enter here the trademark name you want to search.
  • E = This is a “contained” option. For example, if you search for “sprite” and this option set, then “sprite zero” should appear as result. If selected this option, the result takes several seconds in being displayed.
  • F = This is a “exact” option. For example, , if you search for “sprite”, the only result that will be given is “sprite”.
  • G = If you want to perform a trademark search by owner, enter here, in Chinese, the owner name you want to search.
  • H = If you want to perform a trademark search by owner, enter here, in English, the owner name you want to search.
  • I = This option sorts results by number or by class
  • J = This is the “Perform Search” button
3. In the next page the list of matched trademark will be displayed, in order to check the details of any trademark just click them.

Please notice that this search engine usually is very slow, but it is the official source for registered trademarks in China.

If you want a Chinese trademark attorney to perform a comprehensive search of your trademark and also give you an opinion about registration’s possibilities, please order a Trademark Comprehensive Study in China.

If you are certain about your registration probabilities in China, start your Trademark Registration in China.
Perguntas freqüentes
Devo solicitar minha marca registrada em caracteres locais?

Sim, para obter uma proteção mais ampla e mais forte em China, recomendamos registrar sua marca em caracteres locais.

Se uma marca é registrada apenas na sua versão original (alfabeto latino), a proteção nem sempre cobre adequadamente  o seu equivalente no idioma local. Isso significa que um terceiro pode usar ou registrar a mesma marca comercial (ou similar) em caracteres locais.

Além dos benefícios legais, o registro e uso da marca em caracteres locais também podem ter uma utilidade comercial. O público de China reconhecerá a sua marca com mais facilidade ao poder ler e pronunciá-la corretamente.

O registro de sua marca na versão original, juntamente com a transliteração / tradução no idioma local, proporcionará maior proteção contra possíveis infrações.

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