In order to find the appropriate class, please type below the product or services you wish to protect below, for example: “coffee” or “hosting”.


The Nice Classification (NCL) is an international system used to classify goods and services for the purpose of trademark registration. The International Classification of Nice groups all products and services into 45 classes: 34 for products and 11 for services. The majority of countries in the world, as well as the Local Trademark Offices, have adopted the International Classification of Nice to define the class of their goods and services.

The Nice Classification, established by the Nice Agreement (1957), includes a list of about 10,000 goods and 1,000 services. The official class list is updated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that releases a new edition every 5 years and a new version every year. Right now, the WIPO is using the 10th edition, in its 2015 version. All the Local Trademark Offices of the nations in the Nice Agreement employ the WIPO classification codes in all their official documents.


Upon applying for your trademark, you must define in which classes you seek registration. If you want to search for the appropriate class for your product or service, you can use Marcaria’s International Trademark Classes Search Tool, a simple search engine that will allow you to easily find the correct class without using the WIPO trademark class. You simply need to type in the products or services you wish to protect and the search engine will identify the classes that correspond to each service and/or product. 

Please consider that trademark protection applies only to the class(es) in which you filed your application in. For example, you can register “RackTacket Remote Rockets” in two different classes: toys (class 28) and rockets (class 13). Similar names to “RackTacket Remote Rockets”, but filed or registered in other classes, like pharmaceuticals (class 5) or leather clothing (class 25), would not represent an obstacle as each registration and, therefore, protection is provided per class.

If you prefer to receive legal assistance in determining the correct class, you can order a Comprehensive Study by visiting our International Trademark Registration page and choosing the country in which you would like to register your mark. Briefly, a Comprehensive Study includes the identification of the classes, a search of existing filed or registered trademarks, the probabilities of successful registration, and a trademark registration proposition.